Tuesday, December 6, 2016

BoardGameGeek Composite Rating for El Raja Key Archive: So Far So Good!

Initial reactions from buyers at BGG of El Raja Key Archive is at a composite 9.5 out of 10.

LINK:  https://www.boardgamegeek.com/rpgitem/212609/el-raja-key-archive

Not blowing our horn too much here, but we expected very high ratings for this product.

Almost 3 years steady production time went into finishing the project and it also launched a new adventure book line with it.  Its nearly 1,100 hi-res scanned files date back to 1971 and are a roadmap to pre-D&D, early D&D, ancient Greyhawk material, World of Kalibruhn, early TSR and so much more, spanning 48 years of my design history through the original artifacts that were auctioned 2005-2015 but, with foresight, were preserved for the gamers, collectors and historians through hundreds of hours of scanning work over that time.

There has never been an item of this sort produced and made available for the public in the history of RPGs.

TLB Games is currently running a Holiday Sale for ERKA (see link at the right side bar).  Get yours before Santa heads back to the North Pole!

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  1. Mine arrived last week. I've only just begun to peek inside (having a 3 year old son & a 1 year old daughter ensures nigh-constant distractions), but have been most impressed. My copies of the K1 module reside inside the box that brought them, on the shelf next to my other RJK modules: Fate of Istus, Bottle City, The Living Room, Cairn of the Skeleton King, Dark Druids, and the Maze of Zayene series. (I have WG5 & The Dark Chateau, as well, but they reside with their fellow Greyhawk & Castle Zagyg modules, respectively.) The DVD is safe inside its case while its contents are digitally saved on an SD card for my tablet. This is easily the coolest gaming purchase of 2016 -- and it was ordered on Christmas Day!