Sunday, October 18, 2015

Onto the Next Adventure!

I brought Rob to the Wichita airport today for his outbound trip to Paris (via Atlanta).  He got off safe and sound, and we'll definitely miss him here in the 'States.  Wish him bon voyage, good luck, farewell, and safe travels in the comments :D

Rob's next appearance will be at the LUCCA Comics & Games Convention from 29 October through 1 November, in Lucca, Italy.  At the convention, Rob will run two sessions of Cairn of the Skeleton King, and will conduct a workshop on game design theory, in addition to participating in panel discussions, et al.  Full details appear on Rob's LUCCA page.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Off the Radar but Definitely ON TARGET

With my pending move overseas right around the corner, with my upcoming marriage, my whirlwind appearance at the LUCCA Comics & Games show starting October 29 and my commitments to not only BBP on various projects we have in the works but to those of my own--well, I will be strained to update much here.  Most future updates will be related solely to creative-business concerns that are in the works.

I can say this in passing:  Much is on the horizon, not only from my extensive RPG intellectual property but also from other original works that my wife and I will be forwarding:  My book, a new enterprise, a new partnership I've formed for producing the RJK DVD Collection (which is making great headway), and a few more surprises.

So, stay tuned during our transition.  There is not only a change of latitude in the making but a change of attitude in the air!

In between, may you never get caught in a dead end by an iron golem!

Rob & Nathalie

Friday, October 2, 2015

Of Corsica!!

Now that my move is in full swing for my repositioning from dry plains to beautiful island charm, I will share a few pictures of my destination spot with you--made all the more beautiful due to my charming wife-to-be!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

They said...

Rumblings from the very Far Side...

...that Gary Gygax had said...  that Vance said... who heard Leiber say... that he had read that Wells had intimated... what Voltaire had said while drinking wine... that Dante had eschewed... what was otherwise promulgated by a slave of Tacitus... who had said that an unnamed student of Plato... said that a nature priestess... had written... what the last cave-man had garbled before dying from its own mistaken identity...

And thus started the codification of MYTH (as ongoing) with all of its attendant foolishness...

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Robert J. Kuntz Interview For Lucca

Here are the interview links from the excellent online 'zine,  Isola Illyon, and as conducted by Luca Scelza.

The Noblest RPGer of Them All

Dave and me at GENCON 2004

I have noted some things a little here or there about my book that I am finishing.  But the most important thing about it, I feel, is that it will set a new standard, a new view, about what David L. Arneson's concept accomplished, the very range and dimension of what he intuitively leveraged to produce the first role playing game.  When I began researching the book over 7 years ago I concluded from the very beginning that it would be dedicated to Dave.

His birthday is October 1; and sadly there is not much to be seen proliferating about the 'net or elsewhere regarding the man, the designer, the educator, that brilliant "kid" from the Twin Cities.
A search on his name produces almost as many hits referencing his passing many years ago as it does his accomplishments.

That will soon change...

Extracted from my book's--A New Ethos in Game Design--concluding paragraph of the chapter, "What Arneson Knew":

In summary there are few game designers who through the generation of ideas, to their modeling, then to their extended uses, who can rightly claim through such an intertwined process to have created a playable game let alone to have been one of the primary people in generating an industry from doing so.  There is no doubt in my mind that if the intuitive Arneson--the man who was known to walk into convention halls filled with tables of miniatures and therein exclaim, “Oh boy!  Toys!”--had ever lost his “child within” prior to Blackmoor’s advent that there would be no hobby or industry today as we now know it. (Copyright 2013-2015 Robert J. Kuntz. All Rights Reserved)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

LUCCA Special Releases: Covers for CotSK, 1 and 2

Amos Pons of Mondiversi in Torino sent the covers for Cairn of the Skeleton King to be released at the LUCCA Comics and Games Convention.  The second is the limited edition of 50 copies being offered to the Italian market.  Enjoy!

Cover art by Jim Holloway

Front cover art by Emanuele Manfredi