Saturday, March 28, 2015

At Gary Con: Castles, and Druids and Cairns, oh my!

A quick update from the trenches at Gary Con!

Rob's design work on Maure Castle gave us a strong test last night, as Jon Hershberger ran 8 of us through the Chamber of Antiquities level, looking for a couple specific artifacts. Unsurprisingly, it had one of Rob's trademark MASSIVE rooms, with really (!!!) dangerous elements that practically dare you to hang yourself.*

Jon Hershberger probably giving Nik Dunn some bad news. We are playing AD&D, of course!
Rob has been known to put high-HD, many-headed beasts in modules targeted for 1st-3rd level characters. So if you see a similarly-shaped monster in a deep level than only 12th-14th level characters are likely to get to ... well, give it plenty of respect. Dwarves, please don't rush forward and hurl your hammer at it. At least only the Dwarf died. The rest of us pointed and laughed!

But I shouldn't laugh too hard, because my fighter "fell at the hands" of hordelings. (Inside joke.) Thank goodness for the Elixir of Life!

In other news, the Black Blade Publishing booth at Gary Con has lots of Rob's work available: New printings of Cairn of the Skeleton King, Tower of Blood, Dark Druids and The Original Bottle City, along with the earlier versions of both Dungeon Sets, El Raja Key's Arcane Treasury, and Cairn (2nd print, IIRC).

Stop by the Black Blade Publishing booth to check those out, along with all the other great stuff nearby!

* Just a note:  Chamber of Antiquities was originally published in DUNGEON Magazine by Paizo and for 3rd edition; and it was later converted for use in AD&D.  The link details an adventure into it using the former rules. --  Thanks to Guy for the report and to Jon for making the session a fun time had by all (maybe excepting the dwarf....)  RJK

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cairn of the Skeleton King & Tower of Blood Available at Garycon!

Boxes of Cairn of the Skeleton King and Tower of Blood were shipped by the printer to Garycon and copies will be available there for purchase from Black Blade Publishing.

Black Blade is also handling Chaotic Henchmen's sales distribution (there and in the future), so Dark Druids and their other titles will also be acquirable at Black Blade's booth.

Though I am not attending the convention I will be receiving updates from Jon Hershberger, Allan Grohe, Guy Fullerton and Paul Stormberg (including photos) of what they are doing there, snapshots of convention activities, etc.  I will post con information and photos when I receive them.  In fact I just talked to Jon and he and Allan are in Des Moines on the way to the convention at this very moment!  :)

More updates later!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Auction

To support my move, my upcoming marriage and the publication of various here-to-fore unpublished works of mine including RPG material, CD Collection, fiction, board game design, and my current non-fiction work, I am holding another auction through the Collector's Trove here: LINK

Currently only game related items have been listed; and the listings will include many more collectibles and interesting artifacts as Paul continues to post these over the upcoming days.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cairn of the Skeleton King reprint - off to the printers

Here’s an update on the reprint of Rob’s Cairn of the Skeleton King adventure that is being published by Black Blade Publishing.  The adventure has received another editorial pass and an all new layout including the cover shown below.  

This version of Cairn of the Skeleton King is a very faithful reprinting of the adventure published by Pied Piper Publishing.  The editing and layout are complete and just today the production files were sent off to the printer.

We should have these available at the Black Blade Publishing vendor booth at GaryCon, and they will then be available directly through Black Blade Publishing.

Thanks for your interest, and thanks to Rob for working with us to bring this adventure back into print.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Min-Maxed Updates

Dark Druids has reached its final incarnation (in English, see below) via Chaotic Henchmen and under the guiding hand of Guy Fullerton.  A big thank you is due Guy and the folks who are championing through purchases and appreciative gestures its re-release!

I have agreed in principle with an Italian RPG publisher to have select adventures/works of mine translated for that part of the EURO market and we are in the final stages of ironing out the contractual details.

Pied Piper Publishing's remaining materials, stock and project particles (already printed color maps for two related projects which I was furthering--THE ANNEX and DREAMLANDS--before the company ceased operations) have been turned over to Black Blade Publishing.  At some point I am sure that the stock, otherwise available at their convention booth, will be available for online purchase in the future.

I re-reviewed DREAMLANDS and discovered that I had about a week of (full time) writing left to finish it.   So...  I will be plucking away at it in between the courses on my always variegated plate of delectable choices.

Here's the cover (2009) by Andy Taylor (aka "ATOM"); and a partial of the color 11x14 map I rendered for it (1985) when the design moved from being the "OZ LEVEL" for Castle Greyhawk (2nd iteration) to its final state.  In reinventing the former model I'd previously used this expanded it into element usage in ways consonant with my template for Lost City of the Elders (1974) and (distantly) for the GOD GAME model (played by LGTSA members in 1974), the latter which is already detailed for my upcoming book, A NEW ETHOS IN GAME DESIGN.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dark Druids Now Available!

Just a quick announcement that the new version of Rob's Dark Druids module is now available. It includes all the content from the (expanded) 2006 version, is updated for use with one of your favorite game systems, and features dozens of new illustrations.

It will turn your players' expectations on their ears, and give you a glimpse into some of the campaign play of the 1970's.

Hop over to the Chaotic Henchmen site for full details and order info...

Thanks again Rob, for graciously allowing me to republish it, and for giving me the chance to shout about it here!

- Guy

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ice Grave MS Delivered to Black Blade

I met with the president, Jon Hershberger, of Black Blade Publishing last night, this over a meal and a few beverages.

What came out of it is a reformed idea path by which we will continue handling my reprinted and new RPG materials.

Though we are not changing what has been previously listed on the production schedule, we have jostled it around a bit and added some items to it.

Black Blade has received the Ice Grave MS. as of this morning.  This adventure was originally published in Troll Magazine back in 1997 and is perhaps one of the rarest items out there for my adventures.  Troll Magazine went belly-up after two issues and the majority of their stock was pulped by the printer.  That left only a few hundred issues, at my estimate, floating around out there in which this adventure occurs.

As originally written it was generic; so BB will be bringing it up to 1st Edition standards through its republication.



In other news.  Once I have cleared the deck of two RPG projects pending (Machine Level and Horsing Around) Black Blade and I will be analyzing the production approach for my Castle dungeons and environs, Castle El Raja Key.  This is a preliminary but necessary step for ascertaining the best way to present it, so there will be more information forthcoming over the next six months as we affirm the best pre-production guidelines for it.

In other news we also agreed that neither I alone, nor Black Blade, has the time resources to complete the vision, as first forwarded by them, of bringing to public the RJK CD Archive, about 8,000 plus separately scanned files.  As of today I have arranged a new partnership with another company to forward the release of the archive.  I am meeting with the president of that company tomorrow and there should be a public announcement soon enough upon the thrust we will be taking to expedite this huge project which has otherwise been in hiatus for time and production reasons.

More to follow!