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Friday, June 14, 2013

MORE From North Texas...

Here's a photobucket link with a goodly amount of photos from the convention.

John Lyle snapped one of me on the day I was worn out from having only 3 hours of sleep.  He caught me dozing off in one of the comfy chairs at the hotel.  :)



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

North Texas, There and Back

I have  recently returned from North Texas RPGCon 5 where fun and frolic was had by all.  Smaller than Garycon, but top flight as always, and with lots of serious gamers in attendance.

I DMed two sessions of City of Greyhawk Sewers, participated in the charity event (where my character performed feats of heroism just prior to fleeing) and hosted one seminar.

This amid all the many conversations, the 3C award ceremony (winner, Cavemaster) and the usual yucks, shucks and bandying of words here or there in between it all.

I will have more to add as the dust settles and I come back up to speed.