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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Updates on the Run

I have been immersed in writing 2 non-fiction books and thus have had little time for by-the-moment updates.

So here are some updates FYI and that may or may not, as it goes, strike chords of interest.   I am admittedly uninvolved with the play-by-play of the day-by-day next Internet sensation and have been focusing on my craft and the research and writing of the books themselves.  Therefore expect such updates  when my projects near completion or when pertinent information regarding these, or related, is required.  In between, stay creative!

Chaotic Henchmen will be republishing an AD&D compatible version of my work, DARK DRUIDS.  Note one of Andy "Atom" Taylor's excellent line illustrations for it below.  The adventure was originally published through Troll Lord Games as a d20 product; it was later released as an AD&D compatible pdf version (w/CU STATS) edited by David Smith and sold through Pied Piper Publishing, my old outfit.  With this updated print version comes new maps, new art, and fine editing/layout performed by Guy Fullerton (Owner/Operator, Chaotic Henchmen).  I understand that the project in in the final stages of art assignment and accumulation.  I'll update as much as I know when I become aware, including its release date (sometime early next year), etc.

A Rolven expertly rendered by ATOM

Black Blade Publishing and I have reached an accord to republish three long out of print titles of mine: Bottle City; Cairn of the Skeleton King; and Tower of Blood (the latter co-authored with Lance Hawvermale).

Original Bottle City FC art; to remain unchanged

The Holidays have delayed some of our communications and thus a final decision on what will be released first and when, but we should soon conclude that; and as with DD information, above, I will update when we reach such milestones.

The Dungeons & Dragons:  A Documentary crew will be making an appearance at my abode for a follow-up to the three initial interviews that were conducted at Garycon V and in Los Angeles.  I may be traveling with them to my home town of Lake Geneva where they will interview Ernie Gygax, and perhaps, then, to reunite with my dear friend, Mary Gygax, in northern Wisconsin as she is again interviewed by them.  The interview(s) should occur in mid January and I will, as always, send news your way when I have all of it in hand.

James Sprattley (Producer) asking me a question about writing (while I was in LA).
I believe it was about whether hash-browns should proceed eggs in the narrative of the breakfast we were having... ;)