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Friday, January 16, 2015

I Woke Up This Morning... People...

I woke up from my usual beautiful dreams  to the invariable growing nightmare that is our changed and ever changing world of in-your-face realities that most people ignore during "this" our daily life routines.

Item #1:  From a person whom I respect and love...

Item #2, below.  A new "person" wanted to add me as a "friend" on Google+.  I clicked on their profile and immediately got this from "its" current, and only, post (note snapshot I took).

And, as an aside, was forced to deal with and think about another ongoing commentary on a board I answer questions at, this concerning why folks believe that computers used in RPGs do not detract from the human experience thereof but can actually enhance it.  All of that flowing from a mechanical, and invariant, POV that a human interface in RPG is more of an adjunct reality to the game mechanic and organized flow of linearity and bean-counting (adding it all up) than an immersive imaginative experience sans as little artificial constructs as is possible.  Just ask kids at play in the yard whether their experiences (all rather spontaneous and optimal in a self-generating way) would be enhanced if they had to stop and reference books or computers to carry on imagining and being and doing.  And why should they?  They already have the most optimal human interface possible:  The imaginative conduit of the brain.

What all of these things, seemingly unconnected, have in common is a purposeful disregard for the human, though on different levels.

Now onto lunch... Hopefully it has a better, non-bitter, taste than breakfast.