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Thursday, May 23, 2019


Castle Greyfalkun™ Organization
© 1973-2019.  Robert J. Kuntz.  All Rights Reserved.

North 2 Mordenkaine's Menagerie
North 3 The Terrible Tunnels
North 4 The Ancient Isle
North 5-7 Merlynd's Maze descends for 3 levels; also exit to Merlynd’s House
North 8 The Hideous Halls

South Invisible Maze Level 
South 3    Gem Room and Crypts Level 
South 4 Oubliette of the Doomed 
South 5 Dead Knight's Grotto
South 6    Black Pudding Doorkeeper Level 
South 7 The Haunted Labyrinthe 
South 8 The Hexed Maze

East 2 Paths of the Forgotten
East 3  Garden & Giant's Pool Hall Level 
East 4 Chambers of Chaos
East 5  Sealed Tomb
East 6 Chambers of Chance 
East 7  The Lake Level
East 8   Machine Level

West 2 The Dark Vaults 
West 3 The Sundered Caverns
West 4 The Hidden Caves
West 5   Gallery Level
West 6 The Mad Paths
West Level 7    Barracks Level
West 8 Weird Warren

Core 9   Plus 3 inter-level specials: Horsing Around/The Hunting Grounds/The Forgotten Land
Core 10 Elevator Level
Core 11   Dreamland
Core 12   Boreal Level
Core 12A  Valhalla (special inter-level); connects to Asgard 
Core 13   Asgard 
Core 13A/B Special Annex to Demonworld, large level
Core 13C Dark Earth Annex (Tharzdu’un)
Core 14  Orb, Scepter, and Crown Level
Core 15 The Gardens of Gax/Hewaerd's Hedge
Core 16 The Dragonne Caves
Core 17 Wyrm’s Way
Core 18 Museum Phantastmagoria
TRIBUTE LEVELS (as included above/with dedications, slight historical fore-matter/work).  These are being designed with the listed players/designers in mind.

E.  GARY GYGAX:  Mordenkaine's Menagerie
Ernie Gygax:  The Terrible Tunnels
Terry Kuntz:   The Dark Vaults
Eric Nelson Shook:  The Sundered Caverns
Tom Champeny:  The Hidden Caves 
Don Kaye:  Merlynd's Maze  
Jim Ward:  Chambers of Chance  
Jim Goodfellow:  The Mad Paths 
Michael Mornard:  Dead Knight's Grotto

And an Honorarium level dedicated to Dave Arneson and his creations: 

The Haunted Labyrinthe

Joe Goodfellow--Oubliette of the Doomed
Bob Burman--Chambers of Chaos
Mark Ratner--The Ancient Isle
Joe Fischer--The Hideous Halls
Bill Corey/Cookie Corey--Weird Warren
Jeff Perren--Paths of the Forgotten
David Sutherland/Dave Trampier--Museum Phantastmagoria and Wyrm Way
As well as another Honorarium level to Mary Gygax  The Gardens of Gax (linked to Hewaerd's Hedge)  Without Mary's patience, forbearance support and all around great nature in the face of pressure and change, D&D probably would not have been published.  I am honored to create this send-up level for her for she has been sorely overlooked in the historical record from those times.

I am now adding each level as a section to my new Red Book folder and outlining/sketch mapping one after the next.  

Monday, May 13, 2019

Red Book™ Line--Free PDF MAJOR UPDATE

Three Line Studio has posted a 10 page/1.1 meg PDF file as an Update and Proposed Product Line Map for the Red Book™ Line. Very Exciting! Download at this link:

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

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