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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Lake Geneva Days, Still Writing

I have been spurred to remember--due to the recent explosion of those accusing Zak S. of his many abuses--one of the reasons that I am writing Lake Geneva Days, a definitive insider view of my relationships with Gary Gygax, the Gygax family, TSR, etc.  It's quite an emotional chore re-summoning truths that have been closeted for so long and that paint a much different picture than I have seen expressed over the years and that in many ways approach the realm of the mythical by comparison.  

Wish me luck.   The abuses, the chicanery, the laughs and the fool's quest, and not without the battered POV of the idealist and believer mashed into a cynical pulp -- it's all there and more, including the victory of the survivor as only the latter can describe it while eyeing what is now promoted as fact about those days, its times, its people, and what actually transpired...