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Monday, June 30, 2014

_Bottle City_ now available to order from Black Blade

Jon's has updated the Ordering instructions on the Black Blade Publishing web site, and posted the Bottle City transcription and ERKME#10 files referenced in the module.

For reference, here are the ordering details, which are posted to http://black-blade-publishing.com/Ordering.aspx:


The Black Blade web site is in the process of being rebuilt since the e-commerce package used to drive it is no longer supported by the
original vendor (who has gone out of business).  Consequently, the online store is NOT fully operational (shipping, in particular international shipping, does not
work properly). Please use the Store tab as a reference for details about our books, including prices, but do not use it to place an order.

When you are ready to order, please email us with the following details:

- First Name and Last Name
- Shipping Address
- Email Address
- Online User Name
- Phone Number
- Products Ordered and their Quantities
- Any additional notes or instructions that will help us process to your order

Please email these details to:


We'll then provide you with an accurate shipping quote, and will invoice you via Paypal, our preferred method for payment. If you do not have a Paypal account and/or prefer to pay via credit card, we accept all major credit cards that are supported by Square (Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover; details at https://squareup.com/).  To process such orders, please provide us with a good time to call you to get your credit card details:  please do not email or text them to us, since we don't want your financial information being sent through insecure methods.

Black Blade Publishing also accepts United States money orders in US Dollars, International money orders in US Dollars, and travellers checks in US Dollars.  At game conventions where we are selling products, we also accept cash in US Dollars (USD).  Black Blade Publishing does not accept personal checks.


Thank you for your support, as always! :D


  1. Ordered; at long last, it will be mine!

  2. Having the previous edition just isn't enough. I'm getting this one too. Thanks!

  3. Thanks Jeff and Geffyl! :D


  4. Congrats, on the release. I hope you get the store up and running soon.



  5. Hi Dennis---

    _BC_ is added to the store, but that's just for product display/reference: when you're ready to order, email Jon per the details on the Ordering page, and he'll send you a shipping quote and invoice after you're good-to-go.

    The shopping cart/store itself won't be fixed until we redo the entire web site, which won't be for several more months.


  6. I'll have to order a spare, too. :)