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Thursday, December 14, 2017

ERKA, DATG and Sunken City Christmas Special

Holiday Greetings from Rob & Nathalie!

Let us get into the Christmas spirit with some great offers, shall we!

We have just launched a Christmas Special across El Raja Key Archive, with great offers to treat yourself and the D&D gamers in your circles:

🎅   ❄️  🎄

But wait! There is more! 

🎅   ❄️  🎄

It feels like Christmas has come early!


  1. Last week el raja key archive standard ed. arrived at my home (from nobleknight shop). Wonderful work!! With regard to Sunken city I have the italian version (from Lucca, this year). Are you going to publish other works for your italian fans?

  2. Hi Stefano! I am happy you enjoyed the DVD. As for more publications that is up to Mondiversi to decide, and they have usually picked one per year to publish. So do write Amos Pons at Mondiversi and prod him on that, and I will note the continued interest on my end for such translations as well. If you can get others to show interest perhaps I can get the numbers through him up to two a year! Ciao!