Thursday, June 28, 2018

Pieces I am Working For Into The Unknown


Breakthrough to the Bridge

An LGTSA Tractics Scenario Battle Report
© 2018 by Robert J. Kuntz.

Scenario Designed and Adjudicated by E. Gary Gygax, January, 1972

American Team (attackers): Don Kaye; Thomas Champeny
German Team (defenders): Rob Kuntz, commander Luftwaffe ground troops; Bill Corey, commander of a timed reinforcing SS Tiger tank section


Next Up on the ole Keyboard....

The Battle of St. Hubris

An LGTSA Napoleonics battle report, 1975, that took place at the Dungeon Hobby Shop, Lake Geneva, using over 1,000 hand-painted 30mm figures (Scruby Miniatures) and the Column, Line & Square Rules by Fred Vietmeyer.

French and Prussians (attackers):  Joe Fischer, Joe Goodfellow, Thomas Champeny
Russians (defenders):  Rob Kuntz, Terry Kuntz


  1. Finish line in sight, that is good news.

    Something that might interest you over at there is an attempt to redefine terms so that OD&D is a closed System and 3E is an open system. The mainstream never quits, they only doubledown.

  2. Read it. He is referring to a preselection process of choices set in place and thus it itself is a closed form. It is not a true open-ended system because the variables are countable and reach their limits (eventually). I too have seen this explanation. It's called taking limited granularity and pawning it off as true open form, which it is not, It's just linear scaling taken to its super-imposed limit where it ends.