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Friday, April 26, 2019

Red Book Branded Line and "Last Man Standing" The History of Greyhawk

I have been posting a lot on Face Book.  In order to support our forthcoming Products, including the launch of the Red Book Line, please go there and show us your support.  Here's the link:


Lots of new stuff on the near horizon.  Read the posts there and you'll understand and perhaps will be as excited as we are!

Rob Kuntz
Branded Line Rebooting The Original Greyhawk Campaign 1972-Present

"Last Man Standing"  The History of Greyhawk


  1. Perhaps you'll post the information somewhere other than FB as well?

    1. Hail Bafon Greystone: Also here with the Major announcement stuff. But TLS is not getting the feedback and exposure here that we are getting elsewhere. Hey. I don't like FB, but all of our sales are generated on-line, word of mouth, so I have to deal with the devil, so to speak. We will also be e-mailing MAJOR announcements when new products are ready to ship and are available. People who have not before ordered from TLS can get on our mailing list to be included in those announcements; those who have ordered form us are already included in such mailings until they ask us to remove their name(s).