Friday, February 16, 2024

The 4th Category

New Year, New Release — and this one is a monument all to itself, a great fit for the 50th Anniversary of the launch of D&D™... 

Introducing The 4th Category, a ground-breaking study which identifies D&D's true origins. Game on!

The 4th Category is Rob Kuntz's major update on Dave Arneson's True Genius, as well as a preview to his upcoming opus, A New Ethos in Game Design


After Arneson emphatically captured Gary’s and the LGTSA's attention with his Blackmoor demo game, it was our turn to fully experience this new system.

Several weeks into the new play-tests of the game system Gary, post-game, made an observation that I’ve previously referred to in the preface and is worth noting again: “We’ve created a fourth category in games.” He said this while looking at an indistinct spot in the dining room. He then went on to list the three categories of games that existed at the time… Table-Top Games… Parlor Games… Physical and Outdoor Activity Games… — excerpted from the Introduction to A New Ethos in Game Design.


Available NOW from Three Line Studio Store.

Please spread the news far and wide! 


P.S: At Three Line Studio Store, we love 'Bundles': two TLS products sold together as a special offer digital bundle. The DATG 4CAT Bundle is codename for The 4th Category + Dave Arneson's True Genius, a cash-savvy way of bagging a bargain on this latest product launch! 


*Dungeons & Dragons™/ D&D™ is a trademark owned by Wizards of the Coast and is used in this work for historical purposes only.

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  1. Not to burst anyone's bubble (the book looks quite interesting), but aren't roleplaying games also tabletop games?