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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lost City of the Elders at Garycon V: A Player's Perspective

Guy Fullerton has posted a worthy condensation of his overall perspectives from session #2 on Friday.

I have received nothing but praise for the adventure and this was the only session where we had to acquire players as there were some no-shows (one being George Strayton--"The Secret Fire"--who did not attend the convention as originally planned).

Guy's condensations were almost immediate, post-adventure, ruminations which in fact astonished me for their clarity; and I asked him, if he was willing, to do the write-up to explain them in detail.

The only correction I have to add is to the illustration description.  This derives from WG5, not WG4.

Enjoy Guy's near perfect read of a type of adventure challenge that all of us in the LGTSA were used to in the playtests of D&D and thereafter.


  1. Thanks very much for the mention. (I can't believe I made the WG4 mistake, ha ha! It's fixed now.)

  2. Hiya Sir Guy! No problem, just a minor thinga-ma-jig anyway.

    Great write-up! Can't wait to chat about this and more when you have some time.

  3. A player from your Thursday game posted a paragraph about LCotE in his Gary Con report:

    "It was a really interesting and creative adventure. ... On top of it all, [Rob] has a pretty good sense of humor and is fun to be around."


  4. Well, if the adventure was good enough for Gary and Ernie Gygax then let the wimps stand down. J. D. (aka known now as Blaster-Man) is obviously no a wimp.

    Getting outside of the box was the idea of the game. Staying outside of it is the obvious goal because of that, that is unless you are overfond of the taste of vanilla.