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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Robilar Adventures to LA

The D&D "A Documentary" producers have invited me to Los Angeles for two additional shoots to take place between the 8th and 10th.

I am readying one of my green dragons for the flight...

I have been informed, and it is confirmed by the following photo, that LA has already rolled out the welcome wagon for me...

I have been guaranteed deluxe accommodations somewhere near (Andrew and James said, "below" or "close enough by a stretch" to) this place...

They are organizing a gala event in my behalf to take place here...  Though this looked vaguely familiar to me, hey, it's LA, right?

I'll have more to add about the overall experience when I return; that is, if the City of LA doesn't adopt me...


  1. Thanks K! I'll take it easy and enjoy the sun. :)

    Tim: Thanks. If I see a Dr. Who impersonator I'll get their autograph for you... ;)

  2. So, let me get this straight, Rob: a queasy Puff the Magic Dragon is flying you somewhere into the desert, through vast amounts of multicolored chaff, so that you can land in a mirage where they'll serve you soylent green shakes and tofu burgers, all while you're breathing noxious fumes and snarled in traffic. Safe travels, and best of luck with that ;)

    You should look up Wheggi and TFoster for a tour of the area, time permitting---especially including the Getty Museum (a definite highlight of my visit a few years ago :D ).


  3. Already covered for the tour, by the Doc crew and with Anna Meyer's stopping in to say hello, as well, she who I look forward to meeting!

    Yes, Puff is ready to go, though he might need to put on some extra wing-adapters...

    Museums? With all the life and sites available? Museums...?

  4. Anna's great, do please say hi. And wave at the ocean for me.

    The Getty Museum's like a smaller British Museum or Louvre; definitely worth an afternoon if you have one to spare. Maybe you can visit the bar that Lemmy hangs out at, too =)


    1. I will extend your well wishes to Anna.

      No more Museums! :)

  5. Dooowp!

    I have not been keeping up! You are only an hour (and one minute according to MapQuest!) away from the Cimmerian lands! Had I known I would have scheduled a boar hunt!

    Welps, your time here will be short & you probably have a full schedule, but I happen to have a those days mostly free.

    In case you come up to see the big Mickey, have time to work in a meal on me, or even need a DnD retinue of one more I will pm my ###-#### at the other site we frequent.

    Have a safe trip!

  6. Responded to you there, Chris, and your number is safely tucked away, amigo! Hey, the city's already adopted me and has arranged a nice spot for me to camp at along Sunset Blvd. if I ever return in the future! ;)