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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Garycon 6 Schedule + Other

I will be running Lost City of the Elders at Garycon VI in March:  Thu/Fri/Saturday

I am also scheduled to give a seminar on Open Form in RPGs.

Due to my personal commitment to writing two non-fiction books, which are proceeding tremendously well, I have decided to open this blog to various authors of note, who may or may not find the time to post items of interest here:

Timeshadows (Kyrinn Eis) who is the creator of World of Urutsk and maintains a high Google+ profile in gaming and discussion circles.  She is a personal friend and a designer of merit on many levels.

Allan Grohe:  Advanced studier and compiler of Greyhawk lore, game designer and partner at Black Blade Publishing. We share a lot of e-mails and phone conversations, so getting him to find the time to post something here might in fact be limited to my upcoming works through BB, but we can hope otherwise.

Guy Fullerton:  Guy's a real thinker and delver into the form. He is also the chief honcho at Chaotic Henchmen.  His insightful article on my Lost City of the Elder's adventure he partook in at Garycon5 was a really good piece.  I hope he finds some time from his busy schedule with family, Apple, Inc., and CHP to post something here.


  1. Thank you, Rob. I very much look forward to writing here and working with both Allan and Guy. :)

  2. Hey, thanks for the invitation!

    I will post an anecdote about role playing with my five-year-old. I will try to post it by the end of this weekend, but I have one other gaming-related task ahead of that: More art orders for Dark Druids.

    Gratuitous Dark Druids production update: 23 illustrations completed so far, with 11 more in-progress, and I finally have a cover idea that I'm inspired by. But I'm torn between that idea and a more traditional appearance. My gut says to go with the recent inspiration, even if it doesn't visually "fit" with (for example) the PPP modules.

    This also seems a fitting place to post another Dark Druids artwork sample. Probably early this coming week...

  3. Thanks for the invite, Rob, I'll try to post with more than marketing updates ;)

    re: GaryCon: have you nailed down when you're running LCotE yet (afternoons or evenings)? I'm sure folks would be interested to know, even if you don't have the exact slots set up yet.

    On the Greyhawk research front, this year I resolved to begin to compile and mine the information from our 10+ years of phone conversations about the Lake Geneva castles and campaigns. I'd be happy to share the research details and progress here, as I get going on the process.


  4. Groovy; you two late-comers have to accept your invitations to author here, so hop on the bus, Gus. :)

    I'll have more on my schedule for Garycon when I am appraised of it.

  5. Rob's events are now posted in the GaryCon catalog: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 6pm, for 6 hour slots.

    See you all there!


  6. I'll see you there and raise you 3 Terror levels... ;)

    The template for LCOTE notes terror, dark days and forbidding circumstances. So much for mint juleps on a Sunday afternoon in the park...