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Monday, January 20, 2014

Wanted: _Bottle City_ Errata

I'm collecting errata for the Black Blade reprint of Rob's Bottle City level from the original Lake Geneva Castle. 

This is what I have thus far:

- Add a description about how one-way doors are represented on the map, and how they work in the Bottle City level (this erratum already appears in the Bottle City transcript .pdf download).
- Clarify where key #12 on the map is, as it seems to be missing.  My best guess is that in the trio of round rooms in the NW map (SE of 1, S of cavern A, and N of cavern C), the NE-most room has a red 1 marked on it, and that Rob never drew the corresponding 2 to make "12" BITD, or perhaps the 2nd number faded over time, or was covered over by tape or erased or something.
- Remove duplicated paragraph on the Whelk on pages 10-11 (the text appears once without a sidebar box surrounding it on page 10, and once again within a sidebar box on page 11).
- Fix the initial text in the OGL, which identifies the book as Tower of Blood instead of Bottle City.

If you have found any errors, omissions, typos, or text that requires clarification in Bottle City, please add them to the comments in this thread, or email me directly.




  1. Found one more possible erratum (actually, Grendelwolf found it):

    In the PDF transcript, concerning the Advancing Veteran, it states:
    "Up to 40th is at 35th. [manuscript unclear on final phrase]"

    Could this have meant "if the PC total levels are up to 40th, the Veteran's combat level is at 35th"? It would have certainly made it challenging.


  2. Yes, that is want was intended, "so was it written for its understanding by the one writing it for play and not for pdfed notes thereof." :)