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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dark Druids Now Available!

Just a quick announcement that the new version of Rob's Dark Druids module is now available. It includes all the content from the (expanded) 2006 version, is updated for use with one of your favorite game systems, and features dozens of new illustrations.

It will turn your players' expectations on their ears, and give you a glimpse into some of the campaign play of the 1970's.

Hop over to the Chaotic Henchmen site for full details and order info...

Thanks again Rob, for graciously allowing me to republish it, and for giving me the chance to shout about it here!

- Guy


  1. No problem, Guy, as it was a pleasure doing biz with your professional outfit. Now. Just send along the author copies so can see your handiwork... :)

  2. Third times the charm for this adventure. I have the previous incarnations, but I cannot resist the additional material with this one. Thanks for rereleasing this.

  3. Cool Beans! Guy will be thrilled for the interest (and the gold &silver pieces to recoup his many investments, especially in the wonderful art). It's a great adventure, and one that I wrote about in a later issue of the DRAGON 'zine.

  4. I love it that this has been reprinted, and especially that it had been revised for 1st edition rules. I got my copy!

  5. Hi Gary! I received a copy of it from Jon Hershberger as I am waiting for the comps to be mailed and Guy did a bang-up job on it for sure, Though this would be tooting my own horn in some respects, the quality of everything put into the end product is enormous. And it complements a very good adventure (toot, toot) indeed.