Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Min-Maxed Updates

Dark Druids has reached its final incarnation (in English, see below) via Chaotic Henchmen and under the guiding hand of Guy Fullerton.  A big thank you is due Guy and the folks who are championing through purchases and appreciative gestures its re-release!

I have agreed in principle with an Italian RPG publisher to have select adventures/works of mine translated for that part of the EURO market and we are in the final stages of ironing out the contractual details.

Pied Piper Publishing's remaining materials, stock and project particles (already printed color maps for two related projects which I was furthering--THE ANNEX and DREAMLANDS--before the company ceased operations) have been turned over to Black Blade Publishing.  At some point I am sure that the stock, otherwise available at their convention booth, will be available for online purchase in the future.

I re-reviewed DREAMLANDS and discovered that I had about a week of (full time) writing left to finish it.   So...  I will be plucking away at it in between the courses on my always variegated plate of delectable choices.

Here's the cover (2009) by Andy Taylor (aka "ATOM"); and a partial of the color 11x14 map I rendered for it (1985) when the design moved from being the "OZ LEVEL" for Castle Greyhawk (2nd iteration) to its final state.  In reinventing the former model I'd previously used this expanded it into element usage in ways consonant with my template for Lost City of the Elders (1974) and (distantly) for the GOD GAME model (played by LGTSA members in 1974), the latter which is already detailed for my upcoming book, A NEW ETHOS IN GAME DESIGN.


  1. I am looking forward to making these purchases thanks for letting us know, Rob.

  2. I am looking forward to making these purchases thanks for letting us know, Rob.

  3. Hello Rob and Timeshadows!!! It's Journalizer!
    How have you been these past 4+ years? I'm back in the blogosphere after starting my life in New England.
    Rob, your new work sounds awesome! I am particularly interested in your upcoming book A New Ethos in Game Design!!

  4. Hiya Lauren! How's married life treating you? The last time we communicated you were moving from Philie out East and getting hitched. Well, the tables are turned, as I am soon moving East and getting hitched! There's that serendipity again... Thanks for the kudos. My book is my baby, 6 convergent areas of thought on RPGs and game/play theory, etc. Should be a hit twenty years after I pass away... :) Keep in touch now that you are around and about the electro-sphere. -- Rob

  5. Yay! Congratulations on your wonderful news! I read your post from December and was thrilled for you and very interested in your tour de force (7 years is significant-- 7 represents an accomplished cycle and a sense of renewal).
    Right now I think there is a lot of spontaneity and creative energy in the air. Like the quote you posted from Viola Spolin, it is a "time of discovery, of experiencing, of creative expression." ;-)
    It's good to be back in the 'electro-sphere.'

  6. Lauren, it is always wonderful to have your positive vibes permeating "the scene." I noted from your own bio that you yourself are entering the game field, but no doubt from another angle entirely and as related to your past experiences, for sure. If you need a consultant, other-set-of-eyes, whatever, just let me know.

    The 7-year cycle is so very true in my case, for the book is both a culmination of design views as well as a major departure upon them! I would say an "infinite" departure and without reserve in saying so.

    Thanks for the congratulations, of course! You could say that this is all part and parcel of the changes now occurring and the most important one, the US rather than just "I". BTW, I mentioned you while talking with an associate regarding how the 3 Castles Award design was finished as a stepped process, this only a few days back. Figures.

    We should talk or e-mail at some point, this to cut through the clunky blog interface. :)

    Always a treat! Keep on "Journalizing"!

  7. Thanks for offering your game design expertise! I may take you up on that.

    Yes, I have been in game design really since we "spoke" last. When I first started blogging back then, I had just graduated from Drexel where I studied 3D modeling, environment design.... and my plan was to design / model for video games or trades shows. That was years ago and now I am doing both (there are links to some of my work on my blog)!

    Really, it was you and Timeshadows that gave me my first 3D jobs in gaming! I was SO excited to make the 3 Castles Award and the map for Timeshadows! Those opportunities got me started and then when I moved to the Boston area there were so many more opportunities for 3D designers!

    Now I am taking it to a whole new level (pun intended)! Last August '14 I had a revelation about how to use electronic gaming for more enlightened purposes. I have been working on this goal ever since then.

    I am not ready to go public with the idea yet, but I am going to blog about the progress and inform readers about this new direction. I have made May '15 our deadline for our first early release and in the meantime I plan to use my blog to stay involved with the community.

    This really is serendipity because what I am working on almost seems like a culmination of everything we discussed on your blog! Figures.

  8. It was fun working with you on the 3C Award processes. I watched one of your trailers for a design project on You Tube. Very impressive. Good luck to those involved in bringing their visions to life and for your own projects by extension! Stay in touch when time allows, Lauren. :)

  9. Rob, the only email I have for you is Pied Piper and I'm guessing you aren't using it anymore. But I wanted to ask you if I could post on my blog the images of the process I had for creating the 3C Award? Post the 3D mdoels?

    I could link to your blog if you want. However, I won't put any links up if you don't want.

    Feel free to use my email address from my profile if you want.

  10. The PP adress should still work as the domain was retained and I still receive mail through it. Of course post the images of the process; and I assume that you still retain these. If not I will dig about my other computer for them (your 3D sketches); and as far as the final perspective renderings for the sculpt I believe I posted those on my old blog when the award was finalized. I'll have a look. :)

  11. Lauren: Here are two links to the old blog that will help. Let me know what else you might need--RJK

  12. What a blast from the past! I love reading the old posts from Lord of the Green Dragon blogspot!

    Thanks so much for sending the links. I will use some of the photos in my post. I'm not sure when I will post it, but probably in the next four days at some point.

    This is great. Thanks again!