Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cairn of the Skeleton King & Tower of Blood Available at Garycon!

Boxes of Cairn of the Skeleton King and Tower of Blood were shipped by the printer to Garycon and copies will be available there for purchase from Black Blade Publishing.

Black Blade is also handling Chaotic Henchmen's sales distribution (there and in the future), so Dark Druids and their other titles will also be acquirable at Black Blade's booth.

Though I am not attending the convention I will be receiving updates from Jon Hershberger, Allan Grohe, Guy Fullerton and Paul Stormberg (including photos) of what they are doing there, snapshots of convention activities, etc.  I will post con information and photos when I receive them.  In fact I just talked to Jon and he and Allan are in Des Moines on the way to the convention at this very moment!  :)

More updates later!


  1. Rob, I'm sure you will me missed at Gary Con.

    I hear so many of my gaming peers speak of Gary with such admiration and respect. I remember hearing his name long ago and thinking it was such an unusual name and his image in my mind soon became that of a kind of supernatural, omniscient character like in his games.

    Tonight I am teaching Game Design class and I am going to mention the Convention and tell them about Gary. These kids are ages 11 to 15, so they don't know much about D&D's origins.... but not after my class because this is where it all started!

  2. Howdy Lauren! Well, many have stated that I will be missed, but, in reality, once they all get playing and laughing and caught up in the whole there's just so much extraordinary immersion to concern oneself with a minor detail of absenteeism... :)

    Hey. Wish your students from me all the luck born from their hard work and vision! The future starts with youth; and I am sure in this particular case, that is, by your skillful and sincere guidance, that they will meet their potentials and exceed same!