Saturday, March 28, 2015

At Gary Con: Castles, and Druids and Cairns, oh my!

A quick update from the trenches at Gary Con!

Rob's design work on Maure Castle gave us a strong test last night, as Jon Hershberger ran 8 of us through the Chamber of Antiquities level, looking for a couple specific artifacts. Unsurprisingly, it had one of Rob's trademark MASSIVE rooms, with really (!!!) dangerous elements that practically dare you to hang yourself.*

Jon Hershberger probably giving Nik Dunn some bad news. We are playing AD&D, of course!
Rob has been known to put high-HD, many-headed beasts in modules targeted for 1st-3rd level characters. So if you see a similarly-shaped monster in a deep level than only 12th-14th level characters are likely to get to ... well, give it plenty of respect. Dwarves, please don't rush forward and hurl your hammer at it. At least only the Dwarf died. The rest of us pointed and laughed!

But I shouldn't laugh too hard, because my fighter "fell at the hands" of hordelings. (Inside joke.) Thank goodness for the Elixir of Life!

In other news, the Black Blade Publishing booth at Gary Con has lots of Rob's work available: New printings of Cairn of the Skeleton King, Tower of Blood, Dark Druids and The Original Bottle City, along with the earlier versions of both Dungeon Sets, El Raja Key's Arcane Treasury, and Cairn (2nd print, IIRC).

Stop by the Black Blade Publishing booth to check those out, along with all the other great stuff nearby!

* Just a note:  Chamber of Antiquities was originally published in DUNGEON Magazine by Paizo and for 3rd edition; and it was later converted for use in AD&D.  The link details an adventure into it using the former rules. --  Thanks to Guy for the report and to Jon for making the session a fun time had by all (maybe excepting the dwarf....)  RJK

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