* ROB KUNTZ, Special Guest at ARNECON 2 GAMING CONVENTION 2024, Minneapolis MN, See You There! *

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Onto the Next Adventure!

I brought Rob to the Wichita airport today for his outbound trip to Paris (via Atlanta).  He got off safe and sound, and we'll definitely miss him here in the 'States.  Wish him bon voyage, good luck, farewell, and safe travels in the comments :D

Rob's next appearance will be at the LUCCA Comics & Games Convention from 29 October through 1 November, in Lucca, Italy.  At the convention, Rob will run two sessions of Cairn of the Skeleton King, and will conduct a workshop on game design theory, in addition to participating in panel discussions, et al.  Full details appear on Rob's LUCCA page.



  1. Best wishes to you Rob! Travel safe.

  2. I have returned but am hands down inundated with so many adjustments and duties for settling in that my blogging will be quite limited.

    Thanks to Allan in advance for messaging this. Be looking for a large update from my fiancee, Nathalie, who will post some photos from the LUCCA show.

    Later for all else.