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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Back in Hacking THINGS

So many things...  Don't we all have these...?  These... THINGS.  Most of us do not report on these things, for they are only, in retrospect, just things.  This, that and other.  Why I should feel, unlike so many others who do not report on their things, that is, to report my THINGS as important things by comparison, or, maybe not by comparison, but perhaps out of egoistic need to classify things as categories best suited to thing-mongers, perhaps?  Well, the keyboard presents an ever-present opportunity to alleviate the need for reporting on such things, which is a thing (or, many related things) of itself,  So here starts another round of thing-disgorging, or thing-acclimating, depending upon one's perspective or proclivity...

THING 1:  I have moved to France and settled with my wife-to-be.  We live in a secluded place in the mountains.  Just up the slope are the ruins of an old medieval castle (Genoese).  I have not been there as yet, but when we do investigate the ruin I will be sure to be looking out for the errant stirge as well as snapping a few picts to post here.  Otherwise the champagne is superb, as is the fromage...

THING 2: The LUCCA Comics & Games festival was a hit!  The festival had 300,000 attendees and could have sold more tickets.  I was very busy, participating in two interviews (one real-time video podcast) a Q&A session (see pict below), many signing sessions, received an honorary plaque award, did a workshop on RPG design philosophy, DMed 2 adventure gaming sessions, and attended many formal and informal dinners. Nathalie has a ton of photos and when we find the time we'll post some of these with descriptors.  There's much more to report, but this partial thing must suffice as the thing of the moment...

L to R:  Anna, my lovely and highly professional interpreter for the festival, myself, and Marco Signore. 

THING 3:  The Collector's Trove has confirmed a date in mid-January for the release of the RJK DVD collection.  More on this as we close in on the release date.

More things to follow...


  1. Thing s look like they are proceeding according to plan.

  2. The long-awaited Lucca Comics & Games pictures are on their way! Thanks for your patience! ;-)

  3. Some great news! congrats :)

    Rob, is there a place i can ask you something? Just found a curious post of yours about the Remorhaz

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Rossik. I sent you a hangout request on G+ whereat I will provide contact details. Ciao!

  5. Rob, I look forward to another update...pictures of said castle perhaps? Let's see those memoirs, good sir!

  6. Hello Mister Plundr. I may have a few delicious updates on the way soon. Especially dealing with the #3 THING, above. The mountainous weather makes it a little iffy for this sixty-year old man to climb to the castle and take picts, so these will have to wait until Spring (or until I take a longevity potion). :)