Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dave Arneson's True Genius: First Major Treatise on Dave Arneson

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Three Line Studio is nearing release of the first ever major treatise on David L. Arneson, the genius behind the role-playing craze that started in 1971 in Minneapolis with his group of players and spread like a contagion from 1974 onward through the commercial release of Classic Dungeons & Dragons in 1974.

The manuscript for the work is finished and we are finishing designing the cover and sourcing a layout person.

The work is not the usual history tour so much as it is a tour of Arneson's mind, design philosophies and ultimate systems organization, the latter which busted wide open 2,000 years of game history with his unprecedented systems architecture.

The tentative date for its release is set for 2 months from now; final editing of the ms is now being overseen by Nathalie Hachet-Kuntz (TLS) and Allan Grohe (BBP). 

Three Line Studio has one fulfillment agency in the U.S. for distribution purposes and is seeking a second to handle overflow orders for the monograph, which we deem will be brisk.  We are currently sourcing a second agent for fulfilling overflow orders.  If interested contact us at for details.

Review copies will be available for established book reviewers in and out of the RPG industry.  Use the contact details above if you are interested in reviewing the book and in receiving an advanced copy of it prior to its release.


  1. Dave usually gets "caught" behind Gary. It's good to see him receiving his due with this publication.

  2. Hi Mystic Scholar. Long time no see. Lots of adventures in between, no doubt. :) Not an US & THEM for sure. A detailed and evocative look into Dave's design mind with some aftershocks for many, I guarantee.

  3. Hey Rob! Some adventures, but life' interference too. Been getting injections into my eyeball for blurry vision, thanks to my diabetes. Makes reading and writing a bit uncomfortable, but the vision is clearing.

    Enough so that I'm looking forward to reading this one. LOL

  4. Here's hoping everything "clears". Or else the wife can read to you, of course... ;)