Thursday, July 28, 2016

El Raja Key Archive Final Update

DVD Label:  Final
There are four principal people involved in this massive project and all of us have been busy at it, made more difficult by me being overseas and having to interface via Skype for sometimes 6 hours straight many days in a row as of recent.  Those people are:  myself, Paul Stormberg of the Collector's Trove, Kevin Maurice and my wife, Nathalie.

Upon receiving the test DVD by FEDEX we have finished:

Going over the 1,100 image files for proper placement within categories and sub-categories, for image quality, and for the ability to print, share and to otherwise test the interface in relation to these. As well Kevin is working on a "cascading view" because some categories open with as many as 60 thumbnail images.  This will allow a handy interface for viewing and accessing.

Tonight we finish up on the 200+ pages of file descriptions while fine tooth combing Paul's and my own descriptions of the auctioned and scanned items which started over 10 years ago, this for errors, omissions and possible better wording/changes.

We have all learned quite a lot doing something that none of us have ever done before, and we have been making adjustments to the project as it proceeds due to this.

The date for release keeps changing due to that, so our next, pretty final one is the 3rd or 4th week in August.

In between, know that we are very busy with the many things connected to this and the launch of Three Line Studio.


  1. That is great news, I am really looking forward to this product and am privately speculating on what some of those auctioned and scanned items might include and am looking forward to finding out.

  2. If ERK = MC from a known publication, I am happier than anyone on this planet, I think. With only 6 levels published, it kind of left my players and I hanging for more.

  3. Actually, MSS, El Raja Key ("ERK) is the name of the Wizard (containing my initials RJK) who constructed the Castle El Raja Key used in the playtests of D&D 1972-1974. The DVD contains my collected works for over 43 years but does not expand upon the Maure Castle arc as that is owned by WotC and I have no rights to continue creating/selling their copyrighted material.