Sunday, August 7, 2016

El Raja Key Archive Sample Image

"The Mound" &" Ruins of Seer" Adjoined Super Adventure

This is from the "Ruins of Seer" a massive Greyhawk Adventure I had written BitD (1983-1985) and that was never published due to TSR's inimical stance with Gary and myself and the marginalization of Greyhawk due to that.  I tried to sell it as a Expert level adventure to TSR in 1985 but they showed no interest in it after seeing it and having it described to them when I visited with both Bruce Heard and Harrold Johnson about it.

This is representative of the quality of material that is on the DVD.


  1. ...and this is also part of the reason it will be so much fun to peruse. We cannot thank you enough for making your collection of work available.

  2. You are welcome Grendelwulf. Hopefully as much fun and more than I hand in crafting and playing with all of it!

  3. Sweet! I am looking forward to getting a copy and spending hours perusing the contents.