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Friday, September 9, 2016

The Final Cover: El Raja Key ARCHIVE DVD Case Wrap

This is the final cover for the ERK ARCHIVE Standard edition.

I'll post the cover for the Sunken City--K1--adventure cover that is being released with it after a good night's rest!


  1. Hi.

    Quick question: K3a :: Is it really supposed to say _the_ Brass?

  2. Paul had caught the mistake too late but I was stuck with this file as he had not updated drop box. You have sharp eyes TS! :)
    I will have him send the file and will update it. My bad.

  3. Of course! Same in return. It was a matter iof me uploading the wrong file, but good catch TS. :)

  4. Can't wait to check out this DVD.

  5. I have heard nothing from my counterpart regarding the final release of the project, this for nearly 3 weeks as of this posting. I am uncertain of what is transpiring as there g=has been a communications black out from their end, but as soon as I learn something I will post an immediate update.

    1. Hopefully there is nothing wrong.

    2. Appears to be a programming error with the index and hot links. If we cannot resolve it these will be dropped as we were attempting, with limited resources, to do this. It *might* not be working, we will see by Wednesday.