Friday, September 18, 2015

Minor Update: CotSK in Italian

Mondiversi of Turin, Italy, operated by Amos Pons, will be releasing Cairn of the Skeleton King in Italian for their RPG market at the upcoming Lucca show I am scheduled to appear at.

Besides doing a full-fledged reprint and translation Amos has also ordered an additional limited run of 60 copies with a different cover (ten of these have been set aside for me, the author), these for the Italian RPG collector's community.

This whole effort by Amos and myself is a reintroduction of classic gaming in the Italian hobby which, as far as I can tell, does not have its own, country-produced, RPG platform, as was the case (in the past) with the French, etc.

Here's the cover art for the limited run copies...


  1. It's great so many people are getting a chance to read your material, Rob.

  2. Thanks, TS. Nathalie and I will be cooperating on the French translations, also, this as soon as I get situated overseas. Then there will be German, but that's a bit up the road from here. More to come in Italian if the first outing does well!