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Monday, September 21, 2015

My Wikipedia Bio-Catastrophe, Lucca Update

Herein Started My Publishing Career in 1973

As I have mentioned in interviews, in person and in various other modes of communications, my "bio"
on Wikipedia is a...  Well, I am more concerned with what it--and what others related to D&D history and designers in general--IS NOT:  In my case, it is an abomination, strewn with errors, assumptions, quotes from sources which were never verified through me, etc.

Take for instance the opening paragraph.  I mark the parts that have issues in red, which is, almost the entire paragraph:

Rob Kuntz was born September 23, 1955 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.[2] His older brother is Terry Kuntz. Kuntz learned about miniature wargames at age 13 while skimming through an issue ofPlayboy; he saw a game called Dogfight listed in a section describing party gifts for Christmas. Kuntz began playing boardgames, miniatures and play-by-mail games.[2] Kuntz met Gary Gygax in 1968.[3]:240 In 1972, at age 17 Kuntz lived just a few blocks away from Gygax, and got to play in the second-ever game of Dungeons & Dragons set in the World of Greyhawk, taking on the role of a fighter named Robilar.[3]:240 In 1973, Kuntz began running his own "Castle El Raja Key" campaign for Gygax.[3]:7 His campaign world was known as Kalibruhn.[3]:240 By 1974, the group of D&Dplayers sometimes included over 20 people, so Kuntz became the co-dungeon-master, allowing each dungeon master to referee groups of only a dozen players.[3]:7 Kuntz brought in some elements of his campaign into Greyhawk, and some levels of El Raja Key were incorporated directly into Castle Greyhawk.[3]:7

I could, right now, correct the many things I've noted that plague this paragraph and, concerning the entire article as published, which sunders it from my own reality. But I am leaving that for post-move overseas and for the new firm that my wife and I will be forming.  More on that post LUCCA.

In other news: I am assured to be attending LUCCA due to Italy's open border with France, so even if I do not acquire a visa my passport allows me entry.  Meraviglioso!

I will be participating in group seminars, DMing many sessions of CotSK and doing some other fine stuff as arranged by LUCCA and Amos Pons.  I am getting revved up for it and just may provide a surprise or two for my sponsors or for stragglers who are wanting some extra classic gaming.

Nathalie is also very excited, for she has never attended such an event, though she observed a small convention of RPGers playing in Manchester, UK many, many years ago.  Being the XTRA-Imaginative sort, she has fallen right in like I did at first and will no doubt be conquering the play of it with great leaps and bounds.

I've already designed a multi-mapped starter environ for her to test the waters with comprised of a small outdoor ensemble and a 2-level abandoned manor house...  As she is way into architecture of all types I thought that a once well-appointed manor was in order.


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