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Friday, December 14, 2012

You Gotta Love Maps!

Especially this one by Jason Thompson

The Lands of Dream

Also note the B&W at his link.

The color version as posted is for sale at his store (click through)


  1. It certainly is a thing of beauty. He has a larger image of the coloured version in his flicker album that really makes me want one. :-)

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. And here I've been saving for the complete poetry of
    CA Smith, and this showed on my radar.... Uh.... :)

    I'll just have to settle for finally mounting the 6' long Map of Fairyland that I can never find the appropriate area for... Somewhere...

    Cheers David!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I would immediately put this one up as a poster on my wall.

  4. It is beautiful, Andreas. It reminds me so much of the maps of strange lands I would see in well-appointed children's books when I was a lad.

  5. I must confess that although my children have grown up and gone, I still buy children's books for myself, often just because a book has a beautiful map in it. Maps are magical and inspiring, an invitation to adventure.

    Your 6' Fairyland map sounds like an absolute treasure Rob. I hope you can get it on display one day.

  6. In answer to it all, David, here are two quotes from a book I'm writing which addresses "Play" in all of its facets:

    "Those who claim that not everyone is creative have in fact forgotten their own childhoods and through such negative statements are errantly assisting others to forget theirs."

    "Consider children with all of their creative and wildly intuitive methods. They adjust to situations in their ever-changing sphere of play as suits their growing needs. They use democratic principles while defining and expanding upon the infinite territory of the mind. They engage with life full throttle while they are imitating it. They are inclusive, considering everything and everyone as appropriate to their spheres of imaginative thought. They are open to experimentation and change and are thus dynamic with their applied curiosities. “What if?” doesn’t take long to become “That’s what it is!” with children."

    Some of my dandiest illustrations and maps that I've seen come out of children's books. I'm with you there 100%.